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ink - the blood line for fountain pens.

The ink used in your fountain pen plays an important part in defining the writing experience for you, as well as the visual impact of the written message to the person reading your words. The pen, how is feels to own and use the pen itself, the design of the pen, how it sits in your hand, the nib, and how smoothly it flows across the paper or the character the nib style gives your writing - all come together to create the writing experience. The ink, is of no small importance.

Grav von Faber Castell - Cobalt Blue

Graf von Faber-Castell Cobalt Blue

In the endless search for the perfect blue I have concluded there is not such thing. But, over time you arrive a small selection of really good blues. This is one of them. A rich, dark, good flowing blue.

Not only is it a very good blue ink, but it comes in an impressive and well designed bottle. Narrow and tall, with a heavy solid base. If I had my choice, I would prefer a solid black heavy plastic cap, but I can go with the silver tone metal cap.

Cobalt Blue




In the end, it comes down to how the ink flows and lays down a line on the paper.

The selection of ink is an important decision you make in terms of the performance of your pen. The wrong ink means a pen that you may struggle with to use. Just as there are strong views on the brands of pens, or comments on pen stores, those who use fountain pens have strong personal views on the selection of writing ink.