about the pleasures of owning and writing with a great fountain pen

I have been a pen enthusiast for many years. I started Glenn's Pens many years ago as a way of recording the locations of pen stores. Way back, I would arrive in a city and flip through the printed Yellow Pages Directory to see if there was a pen store to visit.

The printed Yellow Pages are pretty much gone, and now we live in an on-line world. The list of Pen Stores was the foundation of Glenn's Pens.

Then the list evolved to include reviews of what I thought were Great Stores. These are particular stores that stood out for some particular aspect. It may have been the selection, the service, location or just the vibe the place gave.

Content expanded as I visited a number of pen companies and I provided contact information as well as information and photographs of my tours.

Ink quickly became a major conversation. I started to include information about inks as well a reviews of the inks I have used. Now the selection of inks is signficantly larger.

As my pen collection grew, my Pens of Note were highlighted as these are the pens that just standout as being exceptional.


Leonardo Officina Italiana

This is an exciting relatively new Italian Pen Company. The company reflects the culture and passion found in Italy. Much of this, as well as the technical expertise to design and create pens has been passed from father to son. From my visits with both Delta and Leonardo Officina Italiana I know the family.

The desire to hold a passion and respect the Italian design, history, culture and reputation for fine craftmanship has resulted in an exciting new company creating great pens..

Momento Zero Abyss

I was fortunate to obtain a pro-type of what I consider was their founding pen: The Momento Zero Abyss. This is a beautiful pen made of celluloid and fitted with a gold nib. I won't forget being in Rome, opening the pen box and writing with this pen and hearing about the exciting plans to create this new company.

This pen will always hold a special place in my heart.

In the following year I visited their workshop, located not far from Naples, and I was impressed with the workmanship and call to have top quality. I have three of their pens in my collection. Probably more to come!


Edelstein Mandarin Ink

Thoughts on inks I use.


Pens - the Montegrappa Otto Zebra

My pens of note.


Marco at Novelli Pen in Rome

Great pen stores such as Novelli Pen in Rome.